Spiraling Whitefly Control

We offer services to treat and control Spiraling Whitefly infestations.


About the Spiraling Whitefly

The Spiraling Whitefly is a large, slow moving insect capable of infesting a wide range of landscape plants.

Landscape Plans Vulnerable to Infestation

  • White Birds of Paradise
  • Traveler’s Palm
  • Ficus Trees
  • Coconut
  • Gumbo Limbo

  • Black Olive
  • Mango
  • Palms
  • Live Oak
  • and more

Other Types of Whitefly

  • Rugose Whitefly
  • Ricus Whitefly
  • Sweet Potato Whitefly

Spiraling Whitefly

How to Identify an Infestation

Look for white spirals and a build-up of a white, waxy substance on the underside of leaves. This coats the eggs and immature whiteflies. If populations build-up greatly, infested plants can become covered with the white, waxy substance.

This can sometimes become weakened and also be disfigured by the black sooty mold that grows on the insect’s excrement (referred to as honeydew). The sticky honeydew can accumulate on cars, pool decks and patio furniture from infested trees overhead. Honeydew does not damage paint.

The actual effect of an infestation on the health of a plant is unknown; however, whiteflies in general can cause plant decline, defoliation and branch dieback.

Once the insect is under control, the sooty mold and honeydew will disappear.

Spiraling Whitefly