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Posted on April 14, 2008
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New Company Will Distribute Revolutionary “Green” Landscape Products

Tammy Kovar, owner of Biological Tree Services (BTS), an innovative provider of tree and landscape services, announced the formation of Sustainable Landscape Supply (SLS) to serve the Green industry in the state of Florida. SLS is a distributor of a unique proprietary line of biologically-based fertilizer products. These scientifically advanced products build strong root systems that promote a self-sustaining landscape environment, simulating natural ecosystems commonly found in nature.

“Our methods represent a complete break from standard, chemically-based ‘fertility’ practices. The BTS philosophy is based in science,” said Tammy Kovar. “SLS was created to bring this new technology to commercial and residential clients throughout Southwest Florida and beyond. Our objective is to continue to be a leader in landscape trends and make global change one client at a time.”

The newest additions to the product line-up at SLS are the biologically based fertilizers: PHC for Palms 8-2-10 with micronutrients, and PHC for Turf 15-1-6. Both are dry granular fertilizers. Also being introduced is Flexx FL 0-0-20 with Micronutrients, a water soluble spray product. All three of these products contain beneficial root inhabiting bacteria and biostimulants. Formulated in cooperation with top plant biologists in the industry, Flexx FL 0-0-20 contains millions of beneficial soil bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi boosters, humic acids, sea kelp, potassium, and a complete host of micronutrients. All of the new products are 100% compliant with the strict Sarasota County fertility ordinance. The development of these products represents new, innovative tools to safeguard precious natural environments and waterways.

“There was a huge need not being fulfilled,” stated Kovar. “The tough new fertilizer regulations in Sarasota County, and elsewhere, limit use of nitrogen and phosphorus during the summer growing season. Almost all conventional fertilizers contain them. Flexx FL 0-0-20 is a completely new product, a tremendously effective product, which gives plants exactly what they need without nitrogen or phosphorus. We can now assist Sarasota County residents and commercial landscapers with the perfect fertility solution during the upcoming summer months.”

SLS is a globally aware, trend setting, leading specialty landscape product provider. They are an extension of their sister service company, Biological Tree Services. BTS was founded in 2004 by Tammy Kovar, Biologist and Certified Arborist. BTS utilizes nature’s resources in all their service offerings which include customized landscape maintenance, programs to service residential, golf courses, resorts, construction sites and commercial accounts, providing fertility, pest control, soil remediation, turf renovation and tree preservation. Their natural, Florida-friendly programs restore landscapes and trees to health and vitality by reestablishing vital biological links to soil, water, and mineral nutrients.