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Whitefly Treatment in Southwest Florida Rugose Whitefly Treatment in Sarasota Florida

Spiraling Whitefly Treatment in Sarasota Florida

Biological Tree Services is a sustainable landscaping service provider located in Sarasota, Florida. Founded by owner Tammy Kovar in October of 2004, BTS has been providing landscaping and fertility services to Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and surrounding counties using environmentally friendly, biological soil amendments with monthly and seasonal service plans available. BTS also provides full recovery programs to restore Oak trees, Palm trees, Pine trees, citrus and general turf and landscapes to their full bloom and grandeur.

Tree Doctor Proven Results

Biological Tree Services also offers full Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to deal with chili thrips, chinch bugs, nematodes, invasive weeds, and many other common Florida pests. Our IPM services focus on working with, and aiding Nature to reduce these pest populations, while reducing and minimizing the use of chemicals and harsh pesticides which can have a devastating effect on our waterways.

In 2008, BTS also began selling their field-proven environmentally friendly products to the public through their storefront, located in Lakewood Ranch, as well as online at Originally exclusively featuring Plant Health Care (PHC) Products for turf, palms, flower beds, and trees, SLS has recently expanded itís product line to include Premier Techís Myke line, EcoSyn Distributors' KeyPlex products, BioSorb's TopFilm with applications from households to commercial agriculture.


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BTS at a Glance
Services at a Glance
  • Tree and Shrub deep root feeding

  • Lawn and Landscape fertilization programs

  • Insect and disease control

  • Soil testing and corrective measures

  • Planning and consultation
  • Selling of products through on-line store

We are proud members of both the Manatee & Sarasota
Chambers of Commerce.

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